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Sale Prep Tips

Merrimack Group provides tips for business owners planning a sale to ensure a smoother process, more offers, and ultimately a higher valuation.

 Tip 1


The cost of audited financial statements is typically minuscule relative to the value of a marketable company...

 Tip 2


It is not unusual for large companies to have at least one active or threatened legal dispute at any given time, so it is generally not feasible... 

 Tip 3


Buyers generally prefer companies with a well-defined point of differentiation. It could be superior products, faster lead times, outstanding support.... 

 Tip 5

 Tip 4


We find that many clients need to scramble to chase down contracts when it is time to set up a data room, which can obviously delay the...

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Private equity buyers are increasingly active in the M&A market, and they typically prefer to invest in companies where the owner is several years away....... 

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