The Merrimack Group is an advisory firm helping business owners and management teams achieve their financial and strategic objectives through mergers and acquisitions. We focus on the lighting industry, and electrical products more broadly.

We have advised companies on 21 completed M&A transactions ranging from $3 million to $333 million, collectively valued at $800 million.


The Merrimack Group helps business owners in the following situations:

  • Selling a company

  • Selling a majority interest

Merrimack Group can facilitate transaction structures tailored to the seller's preferences, such as:

  • Tax-efficient deal structures

  • Minority equity interest participation

  • Deferred income

  • Ongoing leadership or consulting roles

  • Favorable outcomes for the workforce

  • Commitments relating to the future operations


Merrimack offers buy-side services to private equity and corporate clients wishing to acquire companies meeting their strategic, financial and cultural criteria. Searches may be conducted anonymously or transparently per the client's preference.


The Merrimack Group has two practice areas:

Merrimack Group offers complimentary, no-obligation consultations to business owners and management.